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[audio]Clock Soup For Cooked Airports - Clockwork Keyboard
These pieces define a new genre that could be called tick hop: time warping astral space sounds, quirky thrill'n'bass rhythms that were put through a time machine and crisscrossing sounds of ticking clocks and humming bells. More on this electronica album
Keywords: tick hop; electronica; astral ambient; experimental
Downloads: 925
[audio]c4 - journey to the centre of your mind - c4
c4 was one of the few survivors, and has chosen to reside in Toledo. convinced that by creating sounds which remind him of the raves and music of the early nineties, it may trigger memories of times past for others as well, and slowly this altered state of mind can be reversed somehow. For more information: http://20kbps.sofapause.ch/Releases/c4/journey-to-the-centre-of-your-mind
Keywords: acid; acid techno; rave
Downloads: 260
[audio]June Lauren Prescott – Hitting 30 For The First Time - June Lauren Prescott
This album, an assemblage of 7 chefs-d'oeuvre, is a celebration of her birthday. More: http://20kbps.sofapause.ch/Releases/june-lauren-prescott/hitting-30-for-the-first-time/
Keywords: classic; composition; ballad
Downloads: 660
[audio]hertzcanary - birds don't come easy - hertzcanary
another hatchling by the nightingale of intelligent dance chirp - hertzcanary. birds don't come easy is the third of the bird series. The clutch of five precocial biped lobit funk songs were composed with the now almost extinct FastTracker II.
Keywords: glitch funk; underground hop; fasttracker; idm
Downloads: 740
German funbient artist SYLVER SECOND's first release on a label is a quaint audio collage mini-album consisting of seven tracks.
Keywords: ambient; dark ambient; glitch ambient; glitch; idm; funbient
Downloads: 304
[audio]Vibe From The Korg Electribe by C4 - c4
jack to the sound of underground! x-mas on acid!!!!!
Keywords: acid
Downloads: 671
[audio]noisesurfer_-_old_autumn_tales_ep-(20k332)-2011 - noisesurfer
Noisesurfer is the first spanish project on 20kbps. Contrary to what the pseudonym might suggest - its bandwitdh is everything else than restricted to noise. This ep (actually it's more like an lp) is a further succesful step on their ongoing search for good music.
Keywords: ambient electronica; harsh ambient; soundscapes
Downloads: 779
[audio]the_hairy_giant_-_cautionary_adhesive-(20k331)-2011 - the hairy giant
We were able to catch a hairy giant, but it's propably not the legendary Bigfoot - albeit he's from the US too - from New Jersey to be more specific (just like Origami Repetika). After several very impressive drone, ambient and noise releases on other labels, he releases his first idm ep. And it is not less impressive! The first track, She Looked At Me Again Today is a downbeat track, full of atmosphere...
Keywords: idm; downbeat; 2-step
Downloads: 185
[audio]TAKADATEK - BITCH EP-(20K330)-2011 - TAKADATEK
Downloads: 106
[audio]d0x10 - ease trip sit-(20k329)-2011 - d0x10
d0x10 (soundcloud) is the alter ego of finnish artist and all-rounder Jukka-Pekka Kervinen (wikipedia). He has started the underground lobit label sphicot last june. After notable outputs on labels like bydlocore, limit cycle, Laptop Hooligans Net Label, Cubiculo Noise Recording, Top Of The Flops and many others, we are very happy to have him on board with us. ease trip sit is some dry experimental glitch shit, that is refined with dysfunctional micro house power...
Keywords: glitch; micro house; experimental; micro; noise
Downloads: 95
[audio]Origami Repetika - Pharmaceutically Damaged-(20k328)-2011 - Origami Repetika
Origami Republika, the master of psychadelic chill out is picking us up again. The opening tune Baby, I Can Fly Like a Bird is what a perfect sunny sunday morning in spring sounds like. In the next track, Bugget Dragoon, which is a bit groomier, it looks like that blue sunday morning sky's getting overclouded suddenly. The ep ends with an easy listening krautrock song, Kowboy Niggaz on Ponies, an antipode to the first two electro lounge pieces, yet also concamitantly their logical consequence...
Keywords: easy listening; chill out; electronica; krautrock; downbeat
Downloads: 116
[audio]june lauren prescott - per suonarsi con calcolatore rotto-(20k327)-2011 - matthias weckmann, johann sebastian bach, orlando gibbons, june lauren prescott
June Lauren Prescott is a young student of musicology at the university of Graz. It was only recently that she became interested in the computer as an artistic aid. The debut ep features interpretations of works from the baroque era. It starts with two toccate, Matthias Weckmann's toccata in re minore followed by toaccata in fa maggiore bwv 450 by the famous Johann Sebastian Bach. Next is a take on of Orlando Gibbons fantasia in la minore...
Keywords: baroque; neo-classical; neo baroque; computer music; toccata; fantasia
Downloads: 127
[audio]sea_office-_freon-(20k326)-2011 - sea office
welcome to the arcane world of sea office! a world of mistuned pianos, vintage cassette recorders, cheap guitars and spooky ambient noises - all condensed into this ubercool mini ep. sea office is better known as lockbox (bandcamp, soundclound), a 17 year old fog hop producer from denver. together with a guy called sumguh he runs fog rattle.
Keywords: fog ambient; vintage noise
Downloads: 508 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]genetic_trance_-_sour_action-(20k325)-2011 - genetic trance
we are back from summer break, which we spent in kjiv (can only recommend it). the nice guys we are, we brought you a sweet little souvenir. did we say sweet? well, that was a lie. our chemists informed us that the actual pH-value of this release is a blank 0. genetic trance (genetic trance) jacks it to the 21st century. you'll love it.
Keywords: acid; acid breaks; acid techno; techno; genetic acid
Downloads: 188
[audio]cat_pain_black_udder_-_111-(20k324)-2011 - cat pain black udder
this was the 4th release in a row with a very special concept. cat pain black udder sets out from united kingdom to release a hundred tracks, every one uniquely named with a number between one and hundred. the tracks are published on ep's and albums which have as name a number greater than hundred. so far he released on the pet goat, ethno indigo, doministiku, pigdurt and the somewhat bizarre datahex...
Keywords: thrill'n'bass; nostalgia; noise; noisecore
Downloads: 116
[audio]hertzcanary_-_whµ_do_birds_sing_so_gaµ-(20k323)-2011 - hertzcanary
simply the best! it has been somewhat quiet on the northern front the last years. but eons of waiting are over - hertzcanary's (abulia concept) longed for new album is finally here. the new chapter in her obsession with birds goes beyond the scope of accustomed song structures: in der tritt von der alten she interweaves robot gonzo-style short story telling and elaborate bit hop sound with unprecedented artisanry...
Keywords: bit hop; gonzo; electronica; bits and breaks
Downloads: 260
[audio]Lee_Rosevere_-_Symphony_For_Monotron-(20k322)-2011 - lee rosevere
symphony for monotron embodies a very unique distribution concept: it is released in three movements on three netlabels. the 1st movement is on 8ravens, the 2nd movement is on proc (it's so groundbreaking our dear nethead colleagues failed at proper title naming). but guess who has the 2nd movement! yeah, that's right, we're very happy to announce the return of the happy puppy mastermind, who proves himself to be a true monotron virtuoso...
Keywords: montron; korg; symfony; classic; classical; neo-classical; canadian
Downloads: 90
[audio]microbit_project_-_sign-(20k321)-2011 - microbit project
microbit project is one of the big figureheads of lobit music. created at the end of 2008, it inspired other artists and enlightened listeners all over the world. this mash-up release is in now way different - never have you heard a barely legal bitrate (just around 18) sound like this before! floppypop on the rise.
Keywords: floppy pop; indietronica; alternative pop; pop; electronic; mash-up; downbeat; big beat; electronica; floppypop
Downloads: 60
[audio]Pollux_-_Music_Is_My_O2-(20k320)-2011 - Pollux
pollux is a son of zeus turned into an orange giant star, 34 light-years from earth. you can totally hear that. early enough for the feast day of the dioskouroi on july 15 we present you this immortal piece of ambient electronica. he is also head of the praise worthy underground label sirona.
Keywords: ambient; electronica; hip-hop
Downloads: 204
[audio]vziel_projet_-_live_improvisation_2011-01-08-(20k319)-2011 - vziel projet
don't work, make noise! judgement day got deferred once again, so we keep releasing. well, we would have anyway. somehow, the failing of the apocalypse is disappointing, as these experimental ambient drone like noise impro's would have made for a very apt soundtrack. vziel projet is a project by alex ischenkau who previously released on 20kbps as yerunda projet, genetic trance and marasmatronics projet...
Keywords: noise; ambient; experimental
Downloads: 63
[audio]HardPORNnoises_-_fuck_your_mouth-(30k318)-2011 - HardPORNnoises
fuck your mouth is a conceptual piece of audio art, split in three main parts: fuck, your and mouth. the strong message is accompagnied by pornographic front and back covers. adult entertainment by the head of justnoiseit. enjoy the last day!
Keywords: pornoise; gorenoise; hardpornnoise
Downloads: 150
[audio]Toxic_Chicken_-_Chinese_Supa_Star-(20k317)-2011 - Toxic Chicken
chinese supa star - this is what you are! another four instanst dance smash hits by uberflieger toxic chicken. yes, it's toxic - but it's also just too fucking good! btw the ep was made on a dying laptop in poypet, cambodia and comes with very useful playback instructions. you don't eat this chicken - it eats you!
Keywords: techno pop; electro pop; dance; minimal techno
Downloads: 117
[audio]Ploof_&_Consistency_Nature_-_The_Universal_Mail_Titans_Are_Dead-(20k316)-2011 - Ploof, Consistency Nature
the universal mail titans are dead, but who cares? the universal sound titans are alive and once again joined forces to build landscapes of vivid sonic imagery. ploof and consistency nature are both from california, usa. together or alone they published on sirona, justnoiseit, genetic trance, default, microbit, 4m@, justwallit and proc. and hopefully more on 20kbps soon!
Keywords: soundscape; experimental; sonic short story; noise; ambient
Downloads: 63
[audio]Yerunda_Projet_-_Livin'_in_a_Big_City-(20k315)-2011 - Yerunda Projet
experimental synth-pop from ukraine! do i have to say more? no. but i do it anyway: shaky, shaky lil body all nite long. you want more of this hot stuff? you better look on hyperactive genetic trance.
Keywords: experimental; synth-pop; pop
Downloads: 182
[audio]motone_-_ds10dr1z-(20K314)-2011 - motone
another premiere hits the strut - this is basically our first drones only release. three beautiful late night ambient drones made with korg ds-10 on ds lite. germany's moton is a versatile and gifted producer who appeared on r-bot, chipmusic, 8bitcollective, emar and catchyname.
Keywords: ambient drones; drones
Downloads: 52
[audio]Trianov_-_stone_of_confession-(20k313)-2011 - Trianov
we continue our conquest of the east with the addition of yet another brilliant modern music composer from ukrain. trianov is a multi-instrumentalist who works on the joint of different genres like noise ambient and avant-jazz. despite his young age, this is already his twelfth album. let me say this is a true masterpiece: this is a true masterpiece. you'll find more of his stuff on labels like drill, picpac and fokajazis.
Keywords: ambient noise; ambient; noise; experimental
Downloads: 51
[audio]6pyT_-_NES-(20k312)-2011 - 6pyT
this is a chip noise ep by russian artist 6pyT (takkeherrie, nowaki). 4 short and nice compositions - obsessed minimalism for the win. feels like spring!
Keywords: chip noise; Noise`n`Melody; Obsessed minimal chiptune
Downloads: 86
[audio]genetic_trance_-_tha_acid_walkah-(20k311)-2011 - genetic trance
this acid's made for walking, and that's just what it does. genetic trance (aka uziel alexander ischenkau, head of the netlabel genetic trance) releases on different lobit netlabels. this time on 20kbps with a cool acid techno live-recording.
Keywords: acid techno; live recording; acid; techno
Downloads: 250
[audio]Syncretic_-_Drink_Drink,_Fan_Fan,_Rub_Rub-(20k310)-2011 - Syncretic
syncretic is a new project that was formed on a monday in last november. behind it is a highly talented producer from midlands, uk. recently, he debuted on microbit bit. this is his second work, a wonderful niveous downbeat ep, the soundtrack to your winter.
Keywords: downbeat; ambient; down-tempo; electronica
Downloads: 17
[audio]Marasmatronics_Projet_-_20-(20k309)-2011 - Marasmatronics Projet
marasmatronics projet is a project by the label head of genetic trance. it's dedicated to a new style called marasmatronics, a mixture of noise and experimental with a sprout of funkiness. this is the follow up to marasmatronics projet - 8 on 8 raven. he also released on the lobit label 4m@-records.
Keywords: noize; experimental; marasmatronics; noise
Downloads: 48
[audio]VA_-_20kbps_Compilations_(2009-2010)_by_Jemset-(20komp2)-2010 - jemset
it's new year's eve and we once again glance at the last 2 years that have past. jemset compiled a beauty-package with 16 very cool track. you'll find jkp, josstintimberlake, mr.dee, emmoti on, hertzcanary, duality micro, synthetic, Xorqz, C4, razxca, xedh, uberlulu and eugenekha inside.
Keywords: downbeat; ambient; noise; electronica; house; experimental; hip hop
Downloads: 47
[audio]Piacente_and_De_Angelis_-_La_hora_de_color_violeta-(20k307)-2010 - Piacente & De Angelis
Pablo Piacente teamed up with Mauro De Angelis to create an entire dark disco album with 12 splendid deep-fried tracks. the album is accompanied by a little booklet featuring castilian poems. our christmas gift to you!
Keywords: argilectro; dark disco; experimental; electronica; poem
Downloads: 72
[audio]Overthruster_-_Momma_Beat-(20k306)-2010 - Overthruster
no doubt, overthruster was one of the most stunning artists of the last decade. we haven't heard from him for some time now, but we still hope, this decade will be no other. momma beat is a double sided thrill'n'bass hammer. all you face is seth.
Keywords: thrill'n'bass; gdm
Downloads: 70
[audio]JKP_-_Robot_concerto-(20k305)-2010 - JKP
this release marks the return of the greatest invader since napoleon, but JKP needs no mercs to win our hearts: we just give in when we hear his beautiful lofi bleep tunes. epic win!
Keywords: lofi; bleep; lofi bleep; bitpop; blip blop; robot concerto
Downloads: 41
[audio]smart_young_cunt_-_faggotry_is_quite_alright-(20k304)-2010 - smart young cunt
up for some ldsj-action? know your are. you just can't restrain yourself, can't you? know you cunt. smart young count, better known as humiliation, who debuted here almost exactly a year ago. this somewhat controversial ep features 4 top notch bitpop tracks. hail gameboy! hail smart young cunt!
Keywords: bit pop; 8-bit; chiptune; electronic; bitpop
Downloads: 80
[audio]Sascha_Mueller_-_Pattern_Work_EP-(20k303)-2010 - Sascha Müller
the omni-present sascha müller (pharmacom-productions) first appeared here exactly 5 years and 1 month ago. we feel happy that he still finds the time to do releases for us. pattern work EP consists of two solid techno tracks, a breeze of good old 90ies gone by, yet futuristic as you can get. the virtual b-side, microprozessor, has some addicting acid, paying due to the cat-number.
Keywords: techno; acid; rave
Downloads: 105
[audio]hanlik_-_hanlik-(20k302)-2010 - hanlik
hanlik is heavy krautshock. hanlik is minneapolis. hanlik is real. hanlik is your next favorite rockband. hanlik is hanlik.
Keywords: krautrock; bluesrock; rock
Downloads: 58
[audio]Ceremony_of_Degradation_-_STO-(20k301)-2010 - Ceremony of Degradation
Ceremony of Degradation is a russian govnoise (from russian slang term gavno, literally meaning shit) artist, who previously already released on Qulture Production and Noise Reactor. A psychaholic mad trip is waiting for you - designed by a dark ambient genius.
Keywords: dark ambient; ambient; noize; gavnoise; shitnoise
Downloads: 47
finally! the show must go on: celebrating 20kbps release #300. 'cause they've got to ride forever on that range down low: applecore, arxo, atarix, Big Sugar Victorious, Cooloola Monster, D. Porno, Denner, Duality, Duality Micro, EugeneKha, Gert 300, Goto80, G O Z N E, Graffiti Mechanism, hamburguesa, hertzcanary, Jimmy Slaughter, Jemset, Josstintimberlake, k9d, Microbit Project, Mr.Dee, Nole Plastique, Olympic Smoker, Origami Repetika, Pablo Javier Piacente, Razxca, Sascha Müller, Scrap Heap,...
Keywords: bit pop; techno; big beat; hardcore; ambient; noise; experimental
Downloads: 234
[audio]LIVE AT THE YBOR CIGAR THEATER - Big Sugar Victorious
the last of todays releases is a recording from a live-act by noise, lo-fi and plunderphonic sound artist big sugar victorious (seffner, florida, usa). he played at the ybor cigar theater on 3 august 2007. very interesting noise, great stuff, just what we are used by BSV.
Keywords: noise; plunderphonic; sound art
Downloads: 46
[audio]the mad skunk burna - c4
you are now about to witness the international rave champion c4's (proc-rec) roughing up of the underground breakbeat battlefields. two smooth rolling freewheelers, that you will want to play again and again and again. and again.
Keywords: breakbeat; breakbeats; breakbeatz; netaudio
Downloads: 60
[audio]elements of lost twenty fifth (20k238) - fsplekx
'elements of lost twenty fifth' is the fourth russian release in a row - thank you guys for the big support. fsplekx (livejournal) from moscow debutes with a spacy ambient work, taking us to a peregrine world of cold, mysterious synth's.
Keywords: ambient; moscow
Downloads: 35
[audio]fjk150-343 - dn76e
happy new year! we start 2010 with an experimental glitch-hop manifestation by the ripping russian lo-bit project dn76e, known already from microbit records and 4m@-records. your ears will love it!
Keywords: glitch-hop; glitch; noise; noize; rhythmic
Downloads: 41
[audio]megaegor ultimate control ep - MFR
MFR from novosibirsk, russia, is a side project by hard house, nrg and techno producer/dj Dan Roubtsov (Twisted Traxx, Alien Technology). we are very happy to present you his first lobit release, a top-notch ep that touches various genres: industrial-rave, ethnic ambient and acid trance. enjoy!
Keywords: Techno; NRG; Acid Trance; Ambient; Industrial-Rave
Downloads: 72
[audio]Love Child - DJ Humiliation
enfant terrrrrible, dj humiliation debutes with a sonic gale of futuristic beats and seafood acid. hell breaks loose! great stuff done with LGPT and LSDj.
Keywords: seafood acid; bit breaks; breakz; idm; electronica; lgpz; ldsj
Downloads: 91
[audio]birds just wanna have fun fun fun - hertzcanary
the mistress of glitch-funk is back at where she belongs - on our label that is! this ten piece album was all composed in old-fashioned tracker-style, but the sound is no doubt superfresh and uber-class. hertzcanary (abulia) at the top again!
Keywords: glitch funk; glitch; electronica; idm; beatz'n'breakz; breakbeats
Downloads: 110
20kbps ready to rock you again! what we have here is the debut album by 101MOD (omsk, russia). eleven phunkee bastard bit pop tracks, combining sweet chip sounds with groovy breakbeats to obtain the sonic mega blast which you are now able to download.
Keywords: Bit Pop; bastard chip; 8-bit; vgm; beatz'n'breakz; chiptune; vgm; nescore
Downloads: 116
[audio]ASD,_Dee_&_O._Lense_-_Semploris_Voume_One-(20k235)-2007 - ASD, Dee & O. Lense
it ain't over til it's over! a five track compilation by three talented producers from russia. mr. dee (head of Deep-X Recordings), a-s-d (reamp3 underground, OUIM Net.Label, Rus Zud and Floppy Swop) and O. Lense (.NBK Records and many more) bring you fresh minimal techno combined with experimental stuff and influenced by detroit techno. excellent!
Keywords: minimal; minimal techno; detroit; detroit techno; techno; experimental
Downloads: 146
[audio]wipkinge_dauntaun_rokkas_-_weihnachtsfressen_mit_wipkinge_dauntaun_rokkas-(20k234)-2007 - wipkinge dauntaun rokkas
here we go again! wipkinge dauntaun rokkas are a geographical music collective from a district of zurich, led by tracker musician deemage. they deliver us a conceptual elektro rock ep, ment to accompany you during your christmas meal - they musically interpreted the the lunge at the buffet, the toppling of the wine bottle and the lurching home. but let us warn you: the screaming guitars have some dangers of addiction!
Keywords: elektro; elektro rock; deemage
Downloads: 32
[audio]Origami_Repetika_-_The_Ghost_of_Christmas_Haste-(20k233)-2007 - Origami Repetika
merry x-mas to everybody! this release let's you partake in a higher mood of christmas. origami repetika bestows you a jazzy 3 track ep, styles ranging from funky breakbeats to warm soulhouse - a must have!
Keywords: House; Funky; Breakbeat; Soul; Jazzy
Downloads: 41
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